Ulysses - #eMotion It has been a while. But Ulysses is back. Stronger, better and louder than ever! Eight strong songs entitled with humans strongest emotions. All songs give us a story based on that particular emotion. Anger, Disgust, Sadness, Trust, Surprise, Happiness. Human emotions and stories we all can relate to.

Recorded at home (Box of Doom), in studios, rehearsal room, bedrooms but mixed by the one and only Guido Aalbers who helped us create a strong and solid sound.

Technical songs, with divers and strong vocals. Stunning drumpatterns and flying synths. Pounding riffs from Sylvester and new bassplayer Gijskoopman tops it off with some roaring bass and pedals. The songs of Ulysses' new album #eMotion are small musical stories to enjoy. Lyricly and musically it will take you on an adventure. Sometimes loud and adventurous, sometimes shockingly surprising and sometimes emotional. We give it all, music is #eMotion.

The Gift of Tears

Ulysses - The gift of tears'The Gift of Tears' has become a very powerfull album in a lot of different ways. We wanted the material for the new album to have a deeper meaning. It is our view on how we can live our lives more meaningfully. "Family Portrait" for example, tells us how we can achieve this by simply listening to the stories that people tell. This enables us to create more understanding and compassion in a society of individualism and selfishness.

The tragic story of "Anat" is one such story that we just had to share. It portrays the ordeal of two young parents who unexpectedly lost their one-year-old daughter Anat to a brain tumour. This fifteen-minute epic tells their story from start to finish. It is a story that teaches us a valuable lesson, as will the other real-life stories featured on this album.

Consequently, this Ulysses album is not merely a representation of our musical and lyrical abilities. It tells real stories about real people. This has enabled us to incorporate real emotions into our compositions. "Why use fiction when the world already has so many stories to tell?"


Ulysses - Symbioses In March and April of 2003 we spent some time in the Excess studios in Rotterdam to record the long awaited debut album. The album was co-produced together with Hans Pieters who worked together with bands as Elegy, Sinister, After Forever and many others. Especially the diversity of bands that he worked with had a positive influence on the end result.

Also this time Ulysses realised a co-operation with artist Hans Kanters for the artwork of the album. At the end of April Ulysses finished the work on the album and the album was officially released 28th April. Since the release the band has done alot of promotional work and interviews. "Symbioses" received good reviews world wide.


Ulysses - Eclectic Right from the start Ulysses focussed on writing material and trying to develop an own distinctive sound. After months and months of jamming and writing plans were made to record a CDemo before the end of 2001. In first instance it should have been a low profile and low budget demo, but as the band was recording, the five band members decided to make it a real professional CDemo. The CDemo was recorded on September 30th and mixed the day after, on October 1st. Meanwhile Sylvester had a idea for the cover design, for this design he needed permission to use the image of a painting of Dutch surrealistic painter Hans Kanters. After contacting the painter the band got exclusive permission to use excerpts of the painting for the cover design. In October 2001 the band gave the master cd together with the cd-cover design to a production company. The CDemo "Eclectic" was officially released on December 8th 2001.

IXION - Garden of Eden

Ixion - The Garden of Eden 'Garden of Eden' is not an Ulysses album. It is the creation of Jan Kees Braam, the soundengineer of Ulysses. This project is called Ixion and 'Garden of Eden' is his third album. On this album (released late 2009) Ulysses singer Michael Hos plays the main character in this epic story of a world that seems to end. Also Sylvester Vogelenzang de Jong plays two solo's on this album.

Other musicians who have joined him on this great neo-prog adventure are: Esther Ladiges (Ilummion, Unicorn), Peter Boer (Ilummion, S.O.T.E.), Gerton Leijdekker (Ilummion, S.O.T.E.), Gerben Klazinga (Knight Area), Emile Boellaard, Martijn Bos, Eveline van Kampen, Linde Faber, Irma Vos

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