Michael Hos - Vocals

Favorite bands:
Symphony X, Dream Theater, Savatage, Queensryche, Ayreon, Star One, Iron Maiden, Joe Satriani, Helloween, After Forever.

Music before Ulysses:
Fool's Paradise, Synergy Protocol, Autumn Equinox.

Musical influences:
After discovering Bon Jovi and Europe I moved quickly to bands like Twisted Sister, Iron Maiden an Metallica. I played in grunge-rock bands very long, while I sang Helloween an queensryche songs in the car. When Fool's Paradise stopped I descided to do what I really wanted playing in a metalband like Helloween, Gamma Ray. Auditions took me into prog-metal bands. And again I took another turn in my musical journey. Russel Allen showed my the light ;-) and my progrock career started from there.

Hobbies besides music:
Designing websites and whatever comes to mind, reading, photography and spending time with my daughter Lisa.

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